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Scrabble Word Game

Scrabble word game is a classic and very popular game that uses board and tiles. Scrabble can be played by two to four players. The board has 15 x 15 squares and tiles will have a letter and the corresponding point on them. On each player’s turn, he/she has to place the tiles and form a dictionary word on the board read from left to right or top to bottom.

The Sum of each letter’s point will be the score for the turn in which the word was formed. The board will have premium squares, also like triple-word, double-letter, etc., which multiplies the number of points when newly placed tiles cover them.

Scrabble games are available in many languages, In an English language set, the game contains 100 tiles in which 98 tiles have letters and points on them. The other 2 tiles are blank tile which acts as a wildcard letter. The points value for each letter ranges from 1 to 10. The less common letters will have higher points.

Offical Scrabble Points Distribution

TilesNo Of TilesPoints

Usually, the board and tiles will be made of wood or plastic and the game set will contain the board, 100 letter tiles in a letter bag, and 4 racks.

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A peek into the history

The history of scrabble brings us back to the year 1938 where an American architect named Alfred Mosher Butts created a game called Criss-Crosswords, which is a slightly new variant to another game he invented named Lexiko.

Both games have a similar set of letter tiles, distribution, and similar point values as compared to Lexiko. The new game has a new 15×15 Scrabble game board and crossword-style gameplay as a new function. He made a few sets and tried to sell those to major game manufacturers but wasn't very successful.

In the year 1948, James Brunot bought the rights to manufacture the game from Alfred Mosher Butts, and he made few changes like rearranging the premium squares and simplified the rules, and renamed the game to scrabble, which means to scratch frantically. In 1949, he made 2,400 sets but lost his money as he wasn’t able to sell any of them.

But in 1952, Jack Straus, the president of Macy’s(an American department store) played the game on a vacation and loved the game. So he placed a large order and in one year, the game’s popularity increased and everyone wanted one.

Due to its popularity, the demand increased but Brunot was not able to fulfill it. So he sold the manufacturing rights to long island manufacturers, namely Selchow and Righter in 1952. Two years after Selchow and Righter bought the game, they were sold over nearly four million sets. In 1955, they started selling the sets to the UK and Australia. And they brought the trademark of the game in 1972.

Later in 1986, Selchow and Righter sold the game to Coleco industries, which later became bankrupt. Then Hasbro Inc. bought the company assets from Coleco, including Scrabble and Parcheesi.

Over this period, Scrabble has made into different TV shows, like a daytime game show on NBC which ran from 1984 to 1993. And again in 2011 in the Scrabble Showdown, which was aired on The Hub TV channel by Discovery and Hasbro.

How to play Scrabble

The game Scrabble is played by constructing words with letter tiles and placing them on a grid. There are 100 tiles and each letter tile has a number written on it. And only one letter tile can be placed in a grid space.

Firstly you need to have the scrabble game board, 100 letter tiles, a letter bag, and four racks (Each rack for each person). Then to start the game, each player must choose one letter tile from the bag. The player who has the letter tile ‘A’ or closer to ‘A’ plays first. Then the letters are put back to the bag and mixed again. Then each player chooses 7 letter tiles and places them in the rack.

The first player begins the game by placing the first word in the grid using two or more letter tiles. The letters should be placed horizontally or vertically but not diagonally. As it is the first word on the board, one of the letters must be placed on the center square of the board marked with a star.

Now to calculate the score, always keep a scoreboard or paper to keep track of each player’s score. Each letter tile has a number written on it. The sum of all the numbers on the letter tiles you have placed is your score. There are also blank tiles you can use as any letters. When playing you must say which letter represents and it remains the same throughout the game.

If the tiles you have placed are on the premium square then you get extra points but it is only applicable when you place them the first time, not when updating.

The player can complete their turn by announcing the score and drawing as many letters that they have used from the bag. Always keep seven letters on your rack as long as there are enough tiles left in the bag.

Then the second player can add one or more letters to the already existing word to create a new word. And the player gets the credit for the newly created or updated word. A new word can be created by placing a word at right angles to a word already existing on the board. And the new word must use one of the letters from the already existing word on the board or must add a letter to it or by placing a complete word parallel to an existing word so that adjacent letters make a new complete word.

In the game, if you think the word does not exist in the scrabble dictionary, then you can challenge that player. If the word doesn't exist, the player loses their turn. If it exists, then the challenger loses their turn.

The players can continue playing until there are no tiles in the bag or you used all the letters in the rack or if you don’t have any possible combinations of letters. The one who has the maximum score wins. If you use up all the seven tiles then it is a Bingo and you will get an extra 50 points. And you will also get the points from the unplayed tiles of other players. And whoever gets the maximum point wins.

Where To Play Scrabble

If you enjoy Scrabble board games then you can play at home with your family members, you can ask your friends to visit your place to have a friendly match which can help them learn new words. There are clubs where you can play scrabble.

If you don’t want to interact directly, then you can play the Scrabble game online. There are hundreds of free Scrabble games available to try out online and even there is a game available from the maker of Scrabble, Hasbro, that can be played online with a huge scrabble community.

Scrabble Game Rules

What a game without rules, right? These rules are what make the games interesting and challenging. So let's talk about the rules of the scrabble word game.

  • All players should agree upon the dictionary they will use in case of challenges.
  • Words can be placed horizontally and vertically only, and they cannot be placed diagonally.
  • Always keep seven letters in the rack if the letter bag has enough letters.
  • The letters placed on the board on a turn should be on a row across or down the board.
  • No tile may be moved or replaced after playing or getting the point.
  • When playing blanks you must state which letter it represents and it should be the same letter throughout the game.
  • You may use one of your turns to exchange your tiles. To do so you must place them face down and choose the same number of tiles from the bag and then put back the discarded tiles to the bag.
  • Some use the dictionary for scrabble word challenges only.
  • The blank tiles have zero value and even if it is placed on a premium square you won’t get any points.
  • Premium Letter square:: The light blue premium score doubles the score placed on it. Where the dark blue square triples the letter score.
  • Premium Word Square:: The score of the entire word is doubled when one of the letters is placed on a pink square. It triples when placed on a red square. If a word comes in two premium squares, it doubles and redoubles the score (4 times) or triple and re-triples the score (9 times). Don’t forget, the score is applicable only when they are newly placed, not when updating.
  • When a blank tile is placed on a red or pink square, the score of the entire word doubles or triples. Even though the blank tile doesn’t have any score.
  • When two or more words are formed in one play, each word is scored.
  • When you get a bingo you get an additional 50 points. And the total score of unplayed tiles of all players is added to the score of the player who got bingo.
  • If nobody got bingo, then the number of unplayed letter tiles score is subtracted from each player's total score.
  • In the case of a tie, the player who got more score before adding the unplayed tiles score wins.

Scrabble board game is fun to play, it suitable for young and as well as adults. This word game is extremely popular worldwide. You can easily own a Classic Scrabble Word Game online store.