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Welcome to VickyWords

VickyWords is a word finder and anagram solver for traditional Scrabble Board and Scrabble Go games. Our word finder app helps you practice and master Scrabble and other word games like Word with Friends.

VickyWords helps you win Scrabble word game no matter whether you're stuck for long or need to cheat a little to win. Our Word Finder app is helpful for newbies and pro to scrabble players.

How To Use Word Finder

By default, our word finder is configured to use all available word lists or dictionaries and matches the word entered by you exactly. This option can be updated by selecting other options from dropdown controls.

  • Dictionary Option: Currently VickyWords has 4 distinct dictionaries, 3 variants of Scrabble dictionary (Scrabble US & Canada, Scrabble for School and Scrabble for UK and rest of the world playing Scrabble in English), and 1 for Words With Friends (Enable word list).
  • Filter Option: The default option is set to match all letters entered by you but you can change it to other options like Starts With, Ends With or Contains word you specified.
  • Text Area: This control allows a minimum of 2 letters and space or question mark is considered as a Blank Tile. After entering your Scrabbles Tiles, either you can press the enter key or click on the search/find icon. Our app will get you the best matching words and points details.

Features of Word Finder

Our word finder has below features:

  • Our app uses the latest NASPA word list (NWL) released in 2020, also known as NWL2020 which has a total of 191,852 words. The NWL word list is used in the US and Canada championship and Scrabble Go.
  • We have the latest word list for Scrabble played in School (NASPA School Word List) also know as NSWL2020 which contains 191,476 words. The word list is adopted from the regular NASPA Word List (NWL) that are considered appropriate for school use.
  • Scrabble UK or British Word Finder uses Collins Scrabble Words (CSW) and contains a total of 279,496 words officially approved. The latest word list, 2019 edition took effect on July 1, 2019, and our app uses the same.

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